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The soulful warrior, AYA JACK , releases her debut EP, SHE WAIT, on Sunday, arch 18, 2018 at Mister
Rogers , 231 Rogers Ave. Brooklyn, NY. Doors open at 6pm. Hosted by Kyle omersall from myinnerglow - the release features art installations and Hennah by Alexandra Rose & Vanessa Sotorrio; poken Word by Mike Rosen and a guided sound bath meditation with Maraliz Campos. After Aya Jack’s erformance, DJ Raydar Ellis will close out the event to celebrate the release. Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door.

AYA JAC is a soulful warrior who sings about her transformation as a woman, once defined by her past pains, now using it to inspire growth, healing, love, and freedom. She reveals some of her deepest vulnerabilities by releasing her earliest works on her debut EP, SHE WAITS. Self-produced and mixed by AYA JACK, she features prominent musicians and writers who have grown as artists in their own right.The title
track, She Waits, was written by 3x Grammy Winning saxophonist, Tivon Pennicott.

Uniting different elements- Art, Poetry, Sound, Meditation, Music, and Danc, Aya Jack curated every aspect for her release on Sunday, March 18th, with specific intentions to celebrate life, healing, and love. Setting the environment to bring people together. Performing alongside world-renowned musicians. Aya Jack’s band features drummer Jonathan Pinson , bassist Kyle Miles , pianist Taber Gable , guitarist TonyGreco, Vocalists Ziarra Washington & Patricia Lewis, Producer/Percussionist Gabo Lugo and saxophonist Mario Castro.